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EPISODE 1 We will explore living-in-conversation where our lives become open to each other and nurture a mutual knowing that brings that fulfillment we call friendship. 

EPISODE 2 In a world where we are missing love, in this session, we are going to open the door to make space for the human search for meaning, our ultimate goal is to find what relational health looks like. 

EPISODE 3 Today we are delving into what relationships are really about, beyond our typical isolated lives of bouncing against one another’s personal bubbles. We need to find connecting relationships, face to face. 

EPISODE 4 Today we are looking at the priority of relationships and the way they are like a garden that one has to tend. We’re living in an era where we are missing many of the keys of what makes relationships work and we’re going to look at a system restored. 

EPISODE 5 We are talking about words today, the ways we touch and engage with other people, the ways we come out to play with others with the goal of meeting in a way that fulfills the word personal. 

EPISODE 6 Today we are exploring what we mean by being persons and not just individuals. If we are to grow as persons, we need to know what this means.

EPISODE 7 Today we will continue to think about fathers and God the Father, noticing how fear creeps into our lives and relationships. Then, we begin to explore what might be beyond the fear. 

EPISODE 8 Today we will explore the meaning of voice and hearing. This how we connect, transcending our separated selves, and share life with others. This is critical for living a conversational life.

EPISODE 9 Today we will explore the meaning of voice and hearing.  We are going to talk today about being unreasonable. We need to get beyond the reasoning that limits us to live fully in our relationships.

EPISODE 10  Explore with me today the nature of meltdowns, breakdowns, and other downers that we need to get past in order to live in functional relationships.

EPISODE 11 Today we will look at that important question: What does it mean to be a person? 

EPISODE 12 In this session, we will talk about the quest for intimacy that is core to healthy human connection. 

EPISODE 13 Today, we will talk about the nature of sin and how it affects the human connection. This is a relational view that differs from what you may have thought about sin before.

EPISODE 14  In this episode, we begin to explore sin as missing love and connection. It all begins in our past and shapes our personal formation.

EPISODE 16 Finally, a discussion about sex, that most compelling and controversial of subjects.  We will explore positive ways to discuss sex as an alternative to our sinful lens and explore wholeness in the human experience.

EPISODE 17  In our discussion today, we will engage that wonderful part of life called emotions and how they relate to reason, as well as all the failures and successes that populate this feeling and thinking life as a roller coaster.  Emotions are so important, yet so little understood. Let’s get past that! 

EPISODE 18 In this session we will discuss sin as disintegration instead of living a life of integration.  This discussion will help us to see where we get stuck apart from God and one another. Trauma, fear, and misunderstanding are a few of the experiences that make us withdraw and our relationships disintegrate. This is not the final possibility.

EPISODE 19 We hope to reveal in this session how fear is the greatest power that is unnoticed and yet controls our lives. The greatest exhortation in the  Bible is to not live in fear, but we do not even notice it as it ravages our lives. Noticing it takes away its power.

EPISODE 20   Today we explore sin as a relational concept that is about missing God’s intention to live in love.  We look at barriers and blockades to love and a vision of a life beyond those barriers. 

EPISODE 21 I love gardens, but this is a journey today back to the Original Garden and what happened there that sets the context for all our today’s. This is a look into the profound effect of moving from a life of hospitality to a life of fear that changes everything. 

EPISODE 22 Today’s focus is on the Cross and sin and the great thing God does in opening new dimensions in relationships. God’s acts with a profound love for humanity with no fear and no trying to make God love us. We are offered the pure gift of unconditional and healing love.

EPISODE 23 This episode explores the world of addiction as an outworking of, and another name for, sin. In light of that, we ask questions about bringing a healing theology, especially in the form of church life which restores relationships, not just fixing the symptoms. 

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