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The Mediation of Christ read on 11/03/2019

The Doctrine of Grace in the Apostolic Fathers read on 11/10/19

Theological Science read on 11/19/19

The Christian Frame of Mind read on 12/01/19

The Trinitarian Faith read on 12/09/19

The Christian Doctrine of God: One Being, Three Persons read on 12/16/19

Theology in Reconstruction read on 12/24/19

Theology in Reconciliation read on 1/1/20

Creation Christ and Culture read on 1/17/20

Incarnation: The Person and Life of Christ read on 1/27/20

Atonement: The Person and Work of Christ read on 213/20

Reality and Evangelical Theology read on 2/24/20

Four introductions to Torrance by McGrath, Habets, Colyer, and Molnar read on 3/8/20

Scottish Theology from John Knox to John McLeod Campbell read on 3/24/20

The School of Faith read on 4/18/20

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