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What Marty Offers You

Marty Folsom is a visionary leader in education, therapy, theology, relationships, and making connections. He is available to take persons to the next step in relation to God, family, the neighbors, community, and the physical world.

EDUCATOR AT LARGE – I have been teaching and supervising in higher education for over 20 years – See if I meet your needs for a seasoned instructor

SPEAKER РI am an experienced speaker for events, conferences, retreats, and preaching РAre you looking for a great experience in discovery?

THERAPIST – I have been working with couples, staffs, and individuals for 17 years in finding ways to improve relationships – Do you need a third person who can open new possibilities in practical ways?

AUTHOR – I have written a trilogy of books, as well as publishing many articles – Do you need an author to speak about his books or inspire you to write?

PERSONAL COACHING – I help people explore what could be a fulfilling future in career, relationships, time management, scheduling, goal setting, and mapping out a life worth living – Are you looking for a coach to bring out your best?

FACILITATING CONNECTIONS – I am the Executive Director of the Pacific Association for Theological Studies, creating a neighborhood of schools who are developing infrastructure to create the means for meaningful connection between schools, churches, organizations, leaders, and the Kingdom of God. Are you interested in being part of the change the world needs in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and British Columbia?

THEOLOGIAN – I hold multiple degrees in Theology and am developing what may be the future of theology to serve the Church and the world: Relational Theology, affirming that God exists in relationship and all that God does os for the purpose of relationships. Are you looking for the cutting edge of where theology is going?


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