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About Marty

Marty is a theologian who is committed to nurturing relationships

His life purpose is investing in the quest for intimacy, which is the fulfillment of personal relationships with God and other humans

HERE IS A WRITTEN INTERVIEW with Richard Keith of Corowa, New South Wales, Australia!

HERE IS A WRITTEN INTERVIEW with Paul Louis Metzger of Portland, Oregon, USA!

HERE IS A WRITTEN INTERVIEW with Morgan Bell of Omemee, Ontario, Canada!

HERE IS A BOOK REVIEW by Ross Hastings of Vancouver, BC, Canada!

He is a lifetime learner and leader in developing:

  • The Field of the Personal – The sphere within which relationships are developed, healed, and moved towards health
  • Relational Theology – The study of God who exists in relationship and does all for relationships. This informs the life of humans within the life of God
  • Relational Hygiene – The practices of care and maintence of personal relationships
  • Relational Ministry¬† – The development of leadership within communities to nurture the relational dynamics of the community



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